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With GFC’s Automated Time and Attendance

Looking to streamline your time keeping process and ensure greater accuracy with employee time and attendance? At GFC Payroll Solutions, we offer an automated system to help you to do just that. Employees comprise one of our greatest assets and investments. Spend wisely in the area of time and attendance. Affect your bottom line in a positive way. Go easy and breezy with our automated system.

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  • Ensuring accuracy. Does your organization currently rely on a manual timekeeping process? If so, it’s possible some of your employees wait until the end of the pay period to complete his or her time sheet. Sound familiar? After all, at the end of a hard days’ work, it’s easy to forget the minor detail of completing our timesheets. Not to mention, a sad but real problem is that manual time-keeping systems can make way for time abuse and theft. Even honest employees can make mistakes when completing their timesheets. Ensure accuracy with an automated time and attendance system. Schedule a free demo to find out how today.
  • Showing compliance. At GFC, our automated time and attendance system can help you to view and print reports needed to show record-keeping compliance. Keep track of paid time off and FMLA leave. In addition, use this system to get a quicker look at employees who work a minimum of 30 hours per week to know who qualifies for Affordable Care Act benefits.
  • Going paperless. Employee punch cards and printed time sheets can result in tremendous printing and paper costs. Let us show you how our automated time and attendance system can lead to long-term savings for your company.
  • Saving time, saving more money. Manual payroll processing means additional labor hours. Put your employees to work in ways that efficiently help them to contribute to the bottom line and growth of your organization. Let our automated time and attendance system eliminate antiquated manual processes to help your company save labor time and more money. Schedule a free demo today.
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