What to Expect and When…

Your At-A-Glance Calendar

At GFC Payroll Services, we get that keeping lists and schedules helps companies to stay highly productive. Meeting deadlines is a constant key to our success. That’s why we’ve prepared the schedule below. Our exceptional customer service ensures you will have these items as necessary throughout the year.

We never hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign and you certainly don’t have to chase us down for the service you should already expect!

Add the following to your schedule. What to expect and when…

  • Each Pay Period
  • Payroll timesheets
  • Payroll checks and vouchers
  • Payroll register
  • Tax liability reports
  • Weekly/monthly accounting summaries
  • Federal, state and city tax deposit checks/notices
  • Employee personnel profile reports


  • 941 federal tax return
  • Taxable wages recap report
  • Federal, state and city tax deposit summaries
  • State unemployment tax return
  • Individual employee earnings history
  • Local/city tax report


  • Employee W-2 forms
  • Federal W-3 forms
  • Federal unemployment 940 tax return
  • Federal, state and city recaps
  • 1099 tax forms

Questions about another item?

Let us know. At GFC, we’ll make sure you get all of your payroll and payroll tax items when you need them.

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